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Closing Services

Our office has been representing purchasers and sellers of real estate settle their real estate transactions throughout Florida for over 30 years.  We don't do a few real estate closings.  We do a lot of them.  And when we represent a client, we apply this simple rule:  if this were my real estate transaction, with my knowledge and experience, what would I be doing to protect myself?  That means we often go beyond the current professional standard of care.

For example, many purchasers of real estate believe that if a title company is involved in the transaction, they don't need an attorney.  Well, it turns out, first of all, a title company doesn't represent the buyer or seller.  It represents the title insurance underwriting company.   And just like any insurance company, it wants to collect an insurance premium and not have to ever pay on an insurance claim.

Well, there is only one way to never have to pay on a claim; and that is, to insert so many exclusions from coverage in the title insurance contract that in reality the purchaser has no effective coverage.   We know the tricks, and that's just one example of many that are pulled on real estate purchasers in Florida every day.  Our job is to help you close without getting tricked.

  • We critique the work done by the title company to make sure our clients get proper coverage
  • We help you decide how you should take title
  • We help you understand your rights and obligations under your contract
  • If your counter party is breaching, we counsel you on your options
  • But most important, we quote our fee, in writing, and stick to it.