Florida title insurance rates are set by the Florida Department of Insurance and are uniform throughout the State. These promulgated rates can be found in the Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 4-186 and in Section 627.7825, Florida Statutes, or for your convenience, you are invited to use this Florida Title Insurance Premium Rate Calculator:

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* Do not rely soley on the calculation above and we encurage you to call our office for a written quote today!

Florida Title Insurance Premium Rate Calculator Discounts Available:
If your current title policy is less than three (3) years old, or if your transaction is a mortgage refinance, you may qualify for a re-issue discount, even if our office did not issue the previous title insurance policy. Call our office so we can calculate your discount with our Florida Title Insurance Premium Rate Calculator. Telephone: 561-392-5200.

Costs Sometimes Applicable:

In all real estate transactions, you should expect additional costs imposed by third parties. Depending upon your transaction, they might include:
• State of Florida deed tax calculated at $.70 per $100 of sale/purchase price
• State of Florida mortgage tax calculated at $2 per $1,000 of mortgage
• State of Florida note tax calculated at $.35 per $100 of mortgage
• Real estate brokerage commissions and fees
• Estoppel fees payable to condominium or homeowners associations
• Title search fees paid for county records search
• Fees payable to the municipality for municipal lien search

Call our office so we can determine for you the third party fees applicable to your particular situation. Telephone: 561-392-5200.

Closing Agent Charges:

Most closing agents charge a fee for conducting the closing, clearing the title requirements and paying for couriers and other miscellaneous expenses. Call our office for our free written quote for all available discounts on Florida Title Insurance Premium Rate Calculator, third party costs and closing agent charges unique to your transaction.
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